For My Dad

Dad, many fathers have walked this earth, but God chose you for me,
    I did not always understand why, but now it’s so plain to see;
    He understood who would be the best, for making me into this man,
    And according to His own purposes, He set forth this glorious plan.

And let you take me on a journey, that guided me to adulthood,
    Showed me the right path to walk, instilled in me what was good;
    Though I seldom heeded your advice, you never turned away,
    Every time I made a wrong choice, by my side, you’d always stay.

Dad, I know I rarely said thank you, for all you’ve done for me,
    You gave me the tools I needed, to climb down off your knee;
    So let me say this honestly now, something that is way past due,
    Thank you for being my father, remember always that I love you.

My Dad passed on to glory 2 months later in April. I am grateful I was
able to tell him how much he meant to me before it was too late.


© February 2006