My Angel

The world now has become a crowded place, yet I felt so all alone,
A very uncaring and bitter place, colder than any I'd ever known;
For life had crushed me under its foot, taking my one and only,
Robbing me of a lover and mate, left again here among the lonely.

So I walked this earth being lost, having no sense of direction,
Until that day when God above, afforded me some extra affection;
I did not know, at first, His will, while life had become no host,
When I came to know an angel, that He sent when needed most.

Inspiring me to live fully once more, to set aside my echoing pain,
She guided me toward happiness, and sheltered me from the rain;
Took my broken pieces of heart, and carefully dusted off each one,
Rejunvenated it with her love, becoming stronger when it was done.

Now every time that I try to look back, she gentle holds my chin,
And faces me forward, back on track, and says 'let us now begin;'
To march out toward the better future, and leave the past to lie,
By teaching me how to laugh once more, and not to hide and cry.

She has become my driving force, a guiding light along the way,
Oh, my precious, precious angel, what more can there be to say;
You've made my life whole again, and so I thank the Lord above,
For sending you, oh, my guardian angel, my darling angel of love.


© October 2001 (revised 4/2002)