The Mushroom

He left for work like normal, the weather was fine that day
He kissed the wife upon the cheek and started on his way
Now he didn't get very far, when he beheld a strange sight
Something so unexpected, it gave him an awful fright

There was a giant mushroom, the biggest he'd ever seen
If he were watching TV, it would have filled the screen
It was multi-coloured, with splashes of yellow and red
The kind of a spectacle, the kind to make you drop dead

The top was dome-shaped, with dimples and varied bumps
The underside had dark pockets and appeared to have many lumps
It sat upon a glowing stalk, which radiated the purest gold
Its vista spoke in volumes, of a great power as yet untold

As he stood transfix by the sight, his awe he could not hide
And after just a moment, it gave him a warm feeling deep inside
He shook his head in wonder, and thought how really sad
How something that was so beautiful, could turn out to be so bad

Unfortunately it only lasted, all but the briefest of time
For by the morals of Man, it was considered a grevious crime
Because this particular wonder, this variety of mushroom
Springs from a nuclear seed, that starts with a sonic BOOM


© March 1996