The Mountain

I dreamed I walked along a beach, possessing the sands of time,
Each footprint held a part of my past, every asynchrony and rhyme;
A representation of my lifetime, gone by and that was still ahead,
An illustration of the good I'd performed, and the bad I'd done and said.

Behind me lie a vast ocean, where waves gently lapped at the shore,
Slowly eroding away the prints, 'til I would remember them no more;
Before me stood several high dunes, my future that was yet to be,
With the option to choose any route, the outcome hidden away from me.

Most looked easily surmountable, some wouldn't even break a sweat,
Some that looked a bit more difficult, some that might even pose a threat;
And in the midst, a mountain, with the summit hidden inside a cloud,
Surely anyone attempting the climb, would stand out among the crowd.

My eye caught a reflection, a book had been lain at the mountain's base,
And o' how the tears, began to freely fall, as I read of such amazing grace;
For of all the choices I could make, the path that seemed most hard,
Had already been blazed for me, and stationed with angels to guard.

Though I knew it would be a perilous climb, with many pitfalls to get past,
If I lost my way, started to slip, there'd be a hand to which I could hold fast;
I awoke to the morning light well rested, with an assurance deep inside,
I could climb today's mountain before me, I had a faithful friend and guide.

Matthew 11:28 - Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


© April 2003