Mary Allen

May God richly bless you, for your ever servant heart,
    To watch over you now daily, while we are miles apart;

And remember me in your prayers, as I remember you,
    Knowing we shall meet again, when our Lord collects the few;

Rejoice in this new adventure, the course that Jesus has set,
    Though it is along different paths, I thank God that we have met;

Your music has been a blessing; your spirit has been much more,
    Because of your part in my life, I shall forever be less poor.

A few personal reminders, before we have to part our ways,
    Some of the little helpers, I have learned from all my days;

Love the Lord with all your heart, this is always the best goal,
    Also with all your mind, and most importantly, all your soul;

Love your neighbor as yourself; I guess you know that well,
    It is evident in your vocation, the place you’ve chosen to dwell;

Every day count your blessings, knowing everything is for the best,
    Always seek the wisdom of God, and He will supply the rest;

Now I leave you my parting words, having mentioned the Lord above,
    Remember that while you travel aboard, you take with you my love.


© July 2008