The Mansion

That day is surely coming, when home I shall be called at last,
I will stand upon that celestial shore, and leave behind the past;
The crystal sea of glass crossed over, to endless streets of gold,
Fitted for a new and glorious body, to replace that worn and old.

I'll stand before the King of kings, and upon my life He'll look,
Then He'll smile when He finds my name, is written in His book;
Not because of anything I had done, but by His grace divine,
That I will hear those wondrous words, Father, this one's mine.

After I'll cry those bitter tears, for the things I should have done,
Knowing had I been less weak, more souls He could have won;
Then every tear He will wipe away, as I stand before the throne,
And be filled with the peace and joy, like none I've ever known.

I'll walk along with the Lord of lords, and will sit down at His side,
Feasting at the marriage supper, as the Church becomes His bride;
And meet all my sisters and brothers, sharing with the truly blest,
Knowing that I have truly come home, and found my eternal rest.

Then He'll take me by my hand, to show me the fruit of my labors,
All those whom I had lost before, will now be my closest neighbors;
And in my mansion on that hill, I shall stand with them and proclaim,
That Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and shall forever praise His name.


© July 2006 (revised 01/2009)