Know I Await

Today a journey was started, with the dawning of the sun,
A necessary task to accomplish, a task that must be done;
So a quick hug and a kiss, we again have to part our ways,
With the promise of a return, in just a couple of days.

As I move away you stop me, and hand to me a small book,
With a pledge to be on the plane, before I take a look;
After the stress of boarding, my head is pounding hard,
But I keep my word to open, and there I find your card.

I read it once and it summons, a torrent of joyful tears,
I read it again and it strips away, all my crippling fears;
Your thoughtfulness runs deep, straight into my very heart,
I know you love me dearly, by the written words you impart.

      "I will miss your smilin' face,"
      "I will miss your warm embrace;"
      "I will miss the times we share,"
      "I will miss the way you care."

And adding this line too,
      "Most of all I will miss you;"
And this to make me learn,
      "Know I await your return."

How beautiful your words, they touch me deep inside,
I feel the tears on my cheeks, I can no longer hide;
You have been a true Godsend, for my very tired soul,
You have completed me, making me again feel whole.

You opened up yourself today, and reached on out to me,
With the few words you spoke, you set my spirit free;
All my worries of leaving, just dissipated into thin air,
For upon my return I now know, you'll be waiting there.

Fox (& Susan)

© April 9, 2002