Jill's Poem

A very charming person, a girl of natural style;
Who has never failed to cheer me up and always makes me smile.
She responds to posts with flair, no two are ever the same;
And me, she loves to embarrass, because flirting is our game.

And so I finally met her, at a party for summer's end;
From the very moment I saw her, I recognized a friend.
I enjoyed being with her, the time spent was such a pleasure;
As now each time we interact, the moments I do treasure.

I've found in her a kindred spirit, knowing how to make words dance;
She can put to verse most anything, if given half a chance.
A way of making special, all the events of day to day;
With an uncanny sense of wording, she knows just what to say.

For she has the gift of expressing, in poems, just how she feels;
Though very modest about it, a great talent she reveals.
An ability of poetry, that reaches very deep;
Of those I've read, I must admit, there's not one I wouldn't keep.

But aside from being a poet, she's something much, much more;
A loving, caring person, someone I have learned to adore.
A friend to all who know her, and most especially to me;
For we share a special bond, and in our souls we hold the key.

So now my tale is winding down, it is nearly at the end;
Though not as long as some others, it makes me no less her friend.
Nor as profound, say, as a sonnet, but please give it its due;
For this one comes from my heart, dear Jill, and written just for you.


© 1993

    Jill's Birthday Poem

There is a girl who's name is Jill,
And so very special to me;
There's naught for her I wouldn't do,
Except maybe just two or three...

But those are unimportant things,
In the relationship we share;
We're beyond material needs,
Into the realm of love and care...

Comfortable in her presence,
I could sit for hours it's true;
She helps to set my mind at ease,
I know she feels the same way too...

We have shared so much in common,
The past and present interlace;
And the friendship we have embraced,
Helps us each to endure the race...

And as each day draws to a close,
Our companionship will not end;
Because of the bond between us,
That we should call each other friend...

Grounded in hope and charity,
And based on the same point of view;
Though the words are left unspoken,
Each can hear the words, "I love you"...

So we look toward the future,
And should the world treat her unfair;
Take heart that she is not alone,
Knowing I will always be there...

    Happy Birthday


© June 1994

    Jill's Reminder

Just some inconsequential poetry
  a reminder of what she means to me
  some words to look over and put to rest
  for things done in moderation is best

In life few things turn out well in the end
  but this time, in her, I found a good friend
  though time goes by with changes day to day
  there's a place in my heart she'll always stay

Let come what may for it is plain to see
  when she's near she brings out the best in me
  and when she's away or we're just apart
  the distance makes her fonder in my heart

Lastly, I made her a promise to keep
  be it a time for laughter or to weep
  no matter what comes it had best beware
  she need only call and I will be there


© August 1994