In Memoriam

On September 11, 2001, the black day America was struck at its heart,
We looked on in astonishment, as the World Trade Center was torn apart;
While the Pentagon, our military might, was ravaged by radical disease,
A faceless malevolence invaded our shores, and brought us to our knees.

Friends and family were taken away, though to many of us mere strangers,
As brother and sister Americans, we now face new and existent dangers;
For a time we will expend our grief, and after thousands of tears are shed,
For the hundreds of innocents killed, they'll become our honored dead.

And when the sorrow is eclipsed by anger, as our mourning gives way to ire,
These fanatics will see our true spirit, when coming through a trial by fire;
With integrity and honor prevailing, a tempered justice served for this attack,
Those responsible cowards, who are hiding, will see that America is back.

For what these terrorists fail to see, was Americans bent on every knee,
Was not a nation overpowered, but praying for the entire world to see;
That when this great nation rises again, and gets back upon its feet,
A stronger America will stand tall, for we will not accept such defeat.

So we take the hands of our neighbors, be they brown or black or white,
Whether they are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, for this is everyone's fight;
And now is the time for remembrance, a wake up call for you and me,
That God still blesses America, home of the brave and a land of the free.


© September 2001