I Miss You

It has been quite awhile since we went out together,
Since the last time we had a good talk on the phone too;
Or just spent some casual time with one another,
And today I am reminded, how much I miss you.

The sparkle of your eyes, the way you sweep back your hair,
The cute smile with the conspiring look that you do;
And mostly the comforting feeling of your nearness,
Are all I need to think of and oh, how I miss you.

Where does the time go, why have we been so long apart,
Does it have to be this way after all we've been through?
Has our friendship become a memory of the past?
No, or I wouldn't feel the need to say, I miss you.

So I guess it's up to me to put a stop to this,
To set aside all these feelings that have made me blue;
Just pick up the telephone, give you a call and say,
"Hello, how are you?" and tell you how much I miss you.


© July 1994