If I Promise...

If I promise you I'll try to understand,
  Will you place your hand in my hand?
If I promise to keep you from harm,
  Will you walk with me arm in arm?

If I promise to buy you a pretty flower,
  Will you be happy more than an hour?
If I promise you the moon in the sky,
  Will you be the twinkle in my eye?

If I promise to take this new chance,
  Will you always give me the last dance?
If I promise to always be a best friend,
  Will you stay with me to till the end?

If I promise to treat you with all due grace,
  Will you keep a smile on your face?
If I promise to adore you like God above,
  Will you always return my love?

If I promise to never just walk away,
  Will you hold me at end of each day?
If I promise to make you my loving bride,
  Will you keep me close by your side?


© August 2002