He was Perfect

I had tried to be a better man, but perfect I was obviously not,
                I tried to do the right thing, and attempt a kindness every day;
But though my intentions good, and my heart in the right place,
                Not everything went perfectly, I made mistakes along the way.

Then one day I was presented with, the greatest story ever told,
                I read of Gods desire for me, but how I fell way short of the mark;
That my perfection was required, to be with Him in the next life,
                Nothing else would be accepted, to not be left behind in the dark.

Yet before the foundation was laid, He knew me as his own,
                And loved me so very much, that He became a man like me;
To share my tribulations, to know the temptations I would face,
                But done without any sin, giving me the chance to be made free.

And when the time had come, like the lamb to the slaughter,
                He shed His own precious blood, as he hung there on that tree;
And having cried out to the Father, and the world, It is finished!
                He paid the price once for all, a wonderful gift for you and me.

Now daily I try to live for Him, to give back a portion of His love,
                So that others can see Im not perfect, but that Hes forgiven me;
And it was not by anything I did, I will have my place in Heaven,
                Thank God, that His Son was perfect, so that I did not have to be.


© July 16, 2005