Halloween 2000

A night for staying in, by the fireplace of stone,
Not a night to venture out, especially alone;
For tonight is the night, of horrors untold;
As the sun slowly sets and the dark takes its hold.

None but the brave, or the foolish of heart,
Dare go out, when the witching hour's to start;
For on this one night, the devil is given his due,
As demons seek victims, and witches brew brew.

The graveyards erupt, and the dead get to rise,
Zombies walk about, by using sightless eyes;
Jack-o-lantern scours the land, in search of his head,
Using a carved out pumpkin, on his shoulders instead.

Houses once dormant, now have an uninvited guest,
The ghost of some victim, not properly laid to rest;
Skeletons not in closets, are out roaming the grounds,
While wailing banshees, voice up dreadful sounds.

Vampires seek out warm blood, and then fade to black,
Spiders that once scurried away, are now on the attack;
Mummies arise from tombs, and black cats are around,
And if the full moon is out, werewolves will abound.

So go out if you must, but I trust you take heed,
For tonight walk the minions, of Satan's own seed;
To avoid the terror and fear, the screams and the gores,
Simply lock up the homestead, and just stay indoors.


© October 2000