Half a Heart

So many years we have now shared as one, the good times and the bad,
    Day after day we have struggled, for happiness against that which is sad;
    Together we have climbed every mountain, reaching for a unified goal,
    We have become the sum of one heart, no longer two, we are one soul.

Under normal circumstances, one hundred years seems so long to live,
    But each moment I spent with you, I feel that cannot be enough to give;
    As our time together is but a passing shadow, in the scheme of eternity,
    How absurd to think of us as separate, for we are no longer you and me.

Standing as one, existing side by side, we have weathered every storm,
    With each other we find comfort and that place where we stay warm;
    Encountering the future in partnership, though not always eye-to-eye,
    Because of our years as one, we've crossed each valley and ascended high.

Anyone can certainly see the love we share, for each other and for God,
    We have chosen to walk His path, in the comfort of His staff and rod;
    Holding fast to His righteous Word, that the two shall become as one,
    Our two hearts are fused together, and hereafter shall not be undone.

Now hear me when I tell of how I feel, the pain and suffering I endure,
    No one can know the anguish borne, how daily living becomes obscure;
    Some have marveled at my brokenness, those times when we are apart,
    But I tell you now, in all honesty, I cannot stand tall with just half a heart.

Happy Birthday, I love you.


© Nov. 2013