Graveyard of My Mind

Just yesterday I buried you, in the graveyard of my mind,
The memory of your face, your scent, I left it all behind;
The touch of silk that was your skin, the fire that lit your eyes,
Nevermore a part of my world, so I said my last goodbyes.

It's been so long since we kissed, or I held you close in my arms,
When I was captured by your smile, you beguiled by my charms;
Together we were so happy, and our lives were made of dreams,
But there were times of revelation, as nature often deems.

We began to see more differences, than things that were the same,
Though I wanted to keep on trying, you wanted back your name;
Because you left without a word, to me it was like you died,
And in the weeks that followed, all the real reasons I denied.

At times the grief unbearable, made everything seem so lost,
The price of our relationship, paid at a terrible cost;
A broken heart and a shattered soul, left here alone to heal,
And only with the passage of time, they learned again to feel.

So yesterday I buried you, in the graveyard of my mind,
No matter what lies beyond for you, I pray that it is kind;
One more tear watered your grave, where laid the flowers of my youth,
I will visit there again one day, when I can face the truth.


© January 1995 (3rd Place Nat'l Winner 1995)