The God Who Loves You More

Today they sealed you in a casket, and laid you in the ground,
I can not imagine how it will be, not having you still around;
To be alone, without your presence, going on day after day,
Right now it seems too much to bear, so I lift up my eyes to pray.

"Dear Lord, I greatly exalt Your name, the name that is above all,
And ask that You hear Thy servant, and give answer to my call;
I know the heavens must respond, according to Your mighty will,
So may it be here on Earth, from lowest valley to highest hill.

"I ask You now, not for wants, though my heart would have it so,
But rather You would help me understand, what it is You know;
Why I lost a loved one today, one that I hold so very dear,
That they should be taken away so soon, no longer to be here.

"But, of course, it is not my will, for Yours is the better way,
That these things should come to pass, 'til that appointed day;
When we shall be reunited, in the presence of Your throne,
As we, the children of the Living God, are adopted as Your own."

But for today, I am here, and you, my loved one, have passed on,
I will hold your memory, in my heart, each moment you are gone;
And I know I'll see you again, when we stand on the opposite shore,
But for now I leave you in the care, of the God who loves you more.


© September 2010