Glow of Growth

Once there was a girl, that just lived day to day;
She one day met a man, that showed her the way.
To a place she'd only dreamt of, to a place of peace;
Where the stars sparkled brightly, and the clouds seemed of fleece.
They walked hand in hand, and talked about their dreams;
Not afraid to cry, they understood each other to extremes.
As their spirits lifted, they experienced the Glow;
The Glow warmed much more than their souls, and caressed them ever so.

Once there was a boy, who was searching everywhere;
And one day he met a girl, so gentle, kind and fair.
He asked her to come away with him, to wherever they may will;
A place of peace and harmony, where the waters were ever still.
And side-by-side they journeyed, having nothing more to hide;
Surrendering themselves to each other, until a Glow burned inside.
So they grew together daily, beneath a warm golden sun;
And the Glow forged in them a bond, to where the two became as one.

They spoke to one another, though not a word need be said;
A bond was created, ever so deep, which was constantly fed.
They spoke of creating, a place where they could be free;
A place where there'd be an overly strong want for family.
So it happened one night, with the heavens, a glow;
A new generation was started, one without foe.
They were filled with love, and brought up to be kind;
The new place was begun, where freedom of reality you'll find.

A place where all who dwell there, do toil side by side;
All raised with a giving spirit, instead of foolish pride.
Each learning to care for a neighbor, as they would their very own;
Until a nation of love sprang forth, from the seeds that had been sown.
A nation of men and women, with children taught true and good;
To be secure in the knowledge, of their flourishing brotherhood.
For each has found a place, and all have done their part;
To see that the wonderful Glow, grows from heart to heart.

So that's how the story goes, of how the Glow began;
It's been heard from near and far, traveling across the land.
Of the two that walked apart, but were joined by a bond;
That allowed them to speak unspoken words, of and beyond.
Let's all join today, and think real deep;
Of how important we all are, how our memories we must keep.
For tomorrow is a new day, a beginning for the young;
Teach them well, feel the Glow, and you shall be among.

Fox & Jill

© 1993