Wishing only for you to be happy,
  And be someone on whom you can depend;
For no greater is the companionship,
  Of someone that can be called a close friend.

A confidant to share all your secrets,
  And never any further than the phone;
The first to come over when you're lonely,
  Or just wait if you want to be alone.

An ever vigilant compatriot,
  For the times of sorrow to be endured;
You might actually find with a friend,
  That even a rainy day can be cured.

The good times shared and forever cherished,
  The bad times that required a shoulder;
Nothing known works quite as well as a friend,
  To be a comfort as you grow older.

And to return your appreciation,
  Probably the best message you can send;
For all the momentous times in their lives,
  Is to do your best at being their friend.


© January 1995