For This I Have Jesus

When the road of life is covered in debris
And events cause me to want to cry and cuss
I stop a moment to reflect that all is not lost
And just remind myself, “For this I have Jesus”

When everything that can go wrong does
And gloom sits at the heart of all I discuss
I fall to my knees in prayerful supplication
I call out to my God, “For this I have Jesus”

Should the day become dark and full of rain
When the world has thrown me under the bus
I reach my hand out for a spiritual leg up
And declare to the world, “For this I have Jesus”

The times Satan whispers I’m a worthless sinner
And with his negative accusations causes a fuss
I remember why You sacrificed Your only Son
And tell that old devil, “For this I have Jesus!”

So no matter what is my current situation
Whether the column adds up negative or plus
I will continually bless the name of the Lord
Because I can always say, “For this I have Jesus!”


© April 2010