The Forgotten

He remembers a special time, not all that very long ago,
When, for him, she appeared, the brightest star in his sky;
He knew they had found something rare, a bonding so sincere,
Friends to share the fun times, a shoulder on which to cry.

Being his humble nature, he set her upon a high pedestal,
With this promise he made, when needed, he'd always be there;
He gave so much of himself, and asked so little in return,
None could ever proclaim, for her, he didn't truly care.

Yet, as is the way of the world, things began to change,
She found someone to be with, that filled her missing needs;
He faded back into the shadows, so as not to be in her way,
Her happiness had always been, the goal of his good deeds.

Still he thinks of her quite often, but not without sorrow,
He doubts if she even remembers him, when he was her knight;
When he would have given her all, and anything she asked for,
Having always watched over her, until her life became bright.

Now he just listens for the phone and waits for her to call,
Vigilant and alert, but knowing her needing him now is dim;
For her sake alone, he lives with an empty place in his heart,
With the pain someone he loves, seems to have forgotten him.


© July 1994 (revised 1/2001)