These Few Dances

Shuffling my feet with one arm around your waist,
Your fingers intertwined firmly in my free hand;
While the jukebox plays one of our favorite songs,
I gaze into your eyes and know you understand.

Until the music stops we are not counted as two,
But for that single moment in time we are as one;
Moving together with the beat's driving rhythm,
Two halves of a whole until each melody is done.

Suddenly just after we've gotten the night started,
The final dance comes to an end much too soon;
And we find ourselves going our seperate ways,
With a kiss and a hug beneath a candescent moon.

As I walk off to embrace another week of solitude,
I pause and take a moment to say this simple prayer;
That upon my arrival of the forthcoming weekend,
Across the empty dance floor you'll be waiting there.

Now we may never aspire beyond this closeness,
And we may never go further than these few chances;
Regardless I will keep the memory of our friendship,
And remember how we got to dance these few dances.

    Dedicated to that wonderful person who makes my feet and heart dance every Saturday night...


© February 2002