Feelings in My Heart

For many hours words have failed me, and my feelings go undefined,
I search for a way to tell you, the things weighing heavy on my mind;
How best to sincerely explain myself, so that you will understand,
But the needed words still escape me, as the hourglass loses sand.

Memories flash before my weary eyes, as into the past I stare,
Seeing precious moments frozen in time, and in most I find you there;
When I was adrift at sea, you became the wind for my empty sails,
And the times my life became restless, you'd find a hammer and some nails.

A source of constant companionship, whenever the world turned its back,
And a faithful guide to steer me, every time I got off the track;
Always there to listen to my anger, if misfortune made me mad,
And a caring shoulder to cry on, when life's sorrows had made me sad.

For me your natural strength of character, has been a shining star,
And tempered with your gentle spirit, has helped me to get this far;
Could it be your presence here, means there is an angel missing above?
Because your endless concern for me, seems much more than a normal love.

So the words continue to elude me, and why should it be so tough,
When the kind of person I know you are, thank you is more than enough;
Yet I will not abandon my search, at least until I've done my part,
In finding just the right words to thank you, for the feelings in my heart.

    Thank you, dearest friend


© September 1994 (revised April 1997)