Fancy One

Life is a daily adventure, with its many ups and downs,
Not many a day passes us by, without a share of frowns;
Though hard times be aplenty, and our roads have many miles,
There's nothing like a friend, to overcome it all with smiles.

Like a ray of brightest sunshine, on those days so filled with gloom,
Not unlike the dawn of Spring, when all the flowers start to bloom;
The nearness of a friend, with the helpful things they say and do,
Can find the silver lining and turn the sky from gray to blue.

Yet, even better is the joy, when shared in times of gladness,
A friend is one who cares, be it fair weather or be sadness;
An ever constant reminder, rewards come to the giving,
No matter how bad things can get, each day is still worth living.

I know of such a special friend, who has been a friend indeed,
A person who has stood by me, in the good times and in need;
So now every day, for Joyce, I thank the heavens above,
For sharing with me a friendship, the sincerest form of love.

    God bless you, Fancy...


© July 1997