Erik's Poem

I have a small friend, and Erik is his name,
Since I met this lad, I haven't been the same;
He is bright and smart, and has a big heart,
And I think of him often, when we're apart.

So full of life, with a child's point of view,
His grass is always green, his sky always blue;
There is no mistaking, this one is all boy,
It pleases me to say, he's his mother's joy.

We've walked side by side, and travelled hand in hand,
And when we get to play, the world seems so grand;
Together we've been pirates, looking for gold,
Searching the rocky beach, for treasures untold.

But I will tell you now, that at the day's end,
The best gift still is, I get to call him friend;
So whatever comes, no matter what may be,
Remember, he'll always have a friend in me.


© August 1994