Easter 2003

For Susan,

Easter morning has arrived, and every day still I find,
Not a single one passes, that you are not on my mind;
I cannot begin to express, the joy we've come to share,
Through every up and down, I thank you for your care.

And I thank God for His love, so great He gave His only Son,
That we could have an example, of how it should be done;
For it is because of that love, that we are now here this way,
So in love with one another, growing stronger day by day.

For when I look into your eyes, I have to inwardly sigh,
I never had a closer friend, and so today I'm telling you why;
These many blessing come my way, you have played a part,
You have become the owner, and the protector of my heart.

Now my only wish has come to be, that as our time rushes by,
That if for no other reason today, we should never forget why;
You and I have come together, why we dared take this chance,
No matter the number of years, I'll be there for the last dance.

    I love you.


© April 2004