Given over in the garden, though no one saw anything amiss,
    His love was set into motion, when He was betrayed with a kiss,
    After many illegal trials, He was found to be guilty without cause,
    And sent before the Governor, to be punished by Roman laws.

Ridiculed, mocked and beaten, Pilate tried to stop their plans,
    And gave Him back to the Jews, of His blame he washed his hands,
    But the Pharisees rallied the people, filled them with hateful vim,
    Shouted “Give us Barabbas”, and yelled more so “Crucify Him!

And they lead Him away and scourged Him, until He was nearly dead,
    Draped on Him a purple robe, forced a crown of thorns upon His head,
    Made to carry His own cross, up to Golgotha with many a trip and fall,
    Walked the spotless Lamb of God, offered up once the sacrifice for all.

Could three nails hold Him fast, as an army of Angels waited above?
    Though they could have easily saved Him, He stayed because of love,
    Then being fully completed said, “It is finished”, drew His final breath,
    Rent in two the veil of the holies, and He ransomed us from death.

Entombed in a borrowed grave, with soldiers watching close by night,
    The stone rolled away and seen by many, an angel shining so bright,
    Who gave them all the glorious news, of the greatest blessing in store,
    Jesus the Christ, Son of God, has risen and shall live forever more.


©March 2006 (revised 2014)