Earthly Shepherd

Reserved is your customary manner, with a patience that knows no end,
Yet you managed to touch lives, counting each of us more than a friend;
We felt the power of your love, every time you knelt with us to pray,
Calling us brothers and sisters, while keeping us from going astray;
We have now become a spiritual family, lead by your gentle hand,
Molded into spiritual warriors, for it is on the Word we make our stand.

Over the years weíve come to know you, youíve shown us who you are,
Putting on the whole armor of God, your faith has been a guiding star;
Youíve shared our times of joy, and been there when there were tears,
Taught us the ways of peace, of the One who could take away our fears;
Been our pastor and good teacher, made the narrow path our place,
You are to us a godly example, and a humble testimony of Godís grace.

You are that voice in the wilderness, crying out to this world in love,
That Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, sent to us by the Father above;
And though our journey together has branched, we know it is Godís will,
That we should all be together yet again, in that mansion on Zionís Hill;
Therefore no matter where the Lord leads you, the distance weíre apart,
We shall continue to lift you up in prayer, with each and every heart.

    For Bro. Roy on his departure from FBCPG


© May 2007