The Dream

You lay your weary head to rest, upon your pillow so soft,
You close your eyes for sleeping, where your dreams can take you aloft;
Soon you find yourself sailing, on a ship across open sea,
With just a light wind at your back, your journey seems so carefree.

Without warning a tempest rages, pounding your tiny boat,
A giant wave sweeps you overboard, you pray you stay afloat;
You struggle against the undertow, but know that you will drowned,
Resolving yourself to that final breath, finds you underground.

Darkness reigns this new scheme, yet in the distance a blood red glow,
Though you sense the presence of danger, you feel that you must know;
You whisper to yourself to wake up, and make everything go away,
But curiosity finally wins out, and your mind decides to stay.

You inch along the tunnel, and are terrified when you learn,
It opens on a chamber of hell, where souls are sent to burn;
The stench assaults your nostrils, and vapor irritates your eyes,
A single breath parches your throat, with the thirst that never dies.

You turn away in horror, and come upon a crowded place,
Though all the people here are different, each one wears your face;
There is a lawyer, a clerk, a teacher, and a hardcore thief,
They all know of your love and hate, as well as your joy and grief.

Butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, they are also here,
Everyone sharing your deepest thoughts, each one now tastes your fear;
Each reflects a part of you, together your entire soul,
They reveal to you your every fault, `til madness takes its toll.

You close your eyes tightly, if only for a brief moment to hide,
And the sudden roar of silence, makes them suddenly open wide;
You find yourself drifting gently, through the stars in outer space,
Everything seems so peaceful, you could vanish without a trace.

You turn to your waiting lover, who's longing to be caressed,
Passion builds in you quickly, as your hands explore east and west;
Your limbs become intertwined, as your lips press against their mouth,
You leave a trail of wetness, as your tongue travels north to south.

Rolling over for position, just like that you're in free fall,
Abstract visions swirl around you, but they make no sense at all;
Abruptly the bottom is there, you hit with bone crushing force,
You wake with a nerve racking start, but the dream has run its course.

The sun is now up and shining, birds whistle a happy tune,
Deep down you feel a foreboding, something will happen really soon;
You have had nightmares before, all is right or so it would seem,
Today won't hold any malice, wasn't last night just another dream?


© March 1995 (revised May 2003)