Mike's Poem (Legend of Doom)

Across electronic pathways,
 And making statements on my board;
Comes a sarcastic user,
 Claiming to be one of the abysmal hoard.

At first I was wary,
 He had a talent for flaming out;
He got down and dirty,
 Always letting you know what the facts were about.

Then night after night,
 I began to see him in a different light;
Though his methods crude,
 I noticed more often than not, he was right.

And when he was wrong,
 Though I knew he could never apologize;
He'd cleverly sidestep,
 Or disguise his error with a good compromise.

Imagine my surprise,
 When I opened up with him a dialog;
And I slowly realized,
 He was more like a prince and not just a frog.

It soon became apparent,
 This young man was not your average kid;
I engaged him in wits,
 But he held up his end like no one ever did.

Finally I met him,
 At an all-night party I got to attend;
I have no more doubt,
 From this day forward, that I will call him friend.

So now it comes to this,
 A number of verses printed on a screen;
A simple dedication,
 Then deleted, never again to be seen.

But know this my new found friends,
 Should the world around you be shadowed with gloom;
Remember this example,
 There's hope for you, if there's hope for Dr Doom.


© September 1993

    Mike's Poem (Legend of Doom2)

Things were really jumping,
  The message bases were really full;
The good Dr Doom was happy,
  Spreading his special brand of bull.

He'd flamed out on Debbie,
  Because she didn't care for our trivial stuff;
And even though he apologized,
  She never returned after leaving in a huff.

But did this bother him?
  Well, most certainly not in any way;
Just one less person,
  On his list that's titled, `All those who must pay!'

Then the worst possible thing happened,
  In all of the VNETS a startling little quirk;
Almost no messages were posted,
  And our poor Dr Doom went totally berserk.

He ranted and raved,
  He accused the sysops of a conspiracy;
And of all the people he should find,
  The one who got caught in chat, just happened to be me.

I told him to be patient,
  That Jill, Cheryl and all had not gone away;
That things would soon be better,
  Reminding him that Rome wasn't built in a day.

So with some gentle persuasion,
  I convinced him there really was no mud;
Though he left somewhat satisfied,
  It had cost me nearly a half pint of blood.

But now all is back to normal,
  And to help prevent another slump, I wrote this poem;
And should this ever happen again,
  And Dr Doom calls here, I'll pretend I'm not at home.


© October 1993

    Mike's Poem (Legend of Doom3)

A lot of things have happened,
  Since we last visited Doom;
In the big house we call life,
  He's entered another room.

Still full of self-importance,
  New users bashing for smiles;
Reminding all around him,
  His ego's measured in miles.

But a new side can be seen,
  One before kept out of sight;
Yet came up to the surface,
  On that cool November night.

A pretty girl named Tammy,
  Who helped him to understand;
Some of the magic of love,
  And just by holding his hand.

Though with all of life's lessons,
  All things have at least two sides;
So much distance between them,
  In Florida she resides.

And the day she went back home,
  It was then that he had learned;
When love ignites your heart,
  Chances are you will get burned.

They've managed to keep in touch,
  By mailed letters and by phone;
But the distance was too great,
  He felt very much alone.

He was choking in love's grip,
  But his friends helped keep him sane;
Each taking the time to hear,
  And help to ease the dull pain.

Yet time does heal all our hurt,
  Even the good Dr's heart;
And he has now come to terms,
  With the miles they are apart.

As far as this story goes,
  Things are again back on track;
And the best part of it all,
  Is soon she'll be coming back.


© May 1994