Don't Forget Us

Why do you hurt the people you know?
Especially the ones who love you so;
It's really an awful shame to see,
Sometimes the way you treat them and me.

When you're confused or feeling unsure,
What do you do instead of seeking a cure?
You become prideful and decide to hide,
Punishing yourself and casting us aside.

But what you have apparently failed to see,
Is that friends, like us, can be the key;
For the chains of life that bind your heart,
We can help to unlock and take them apart.

For it's unthinkable that we were meant to be alone,
Friendships being something that would never be known;
But it is a fact, this is certainly not true,
So this caring bit of advise, I leave with you.

The next time you're feeling down or bad,
Remember not to shut us out and make us sad;
Let us help you cheer up, when you're feeling blue,
Because when you forget us, it really hurts us too.


© December 1993