The Departure

One day you told me you were leaving, you could no longer stay,
You needed time on your own, but promised to come back some day;
As your friend I say I understand, you did what you must do,
But a part of me still sorrows, to remain here, without you.

We parted with a simple hug, and exchanged hardly a word,
And you have gone on to places, names of which I've never heard;
Even now, looking back, there was so much I needed to say,
Why'd I keep it all inside myself, just turn and walk away?

I should have had the courage, to tell you how special you are,
Or how much you will be missed, while travelling away so far;
But even more importantly, I just thought that you should know,
You'll always have my love along, no matter how far you go.

To forgo the distance between us, though it be miles apart,
To know that I am there with you, bound through spirit and through heart;
So each night I will light a candle, and watch it slowly burn,
And remember you in my prayers, asking for your safe return.


© December 1993 (Revised 9/1994)