Dear Friend

Life is often filled with misery, that robs us of our pleasure,
But God provides a strength for us, far greater than any treasure;
No matter how the road turns, despite each formidable dead end,
The light at the end of a dark tunnel, often becomes a friend.

You have been that friend for me, in times when I was down,
A beacon on a foggy night, from stormy seas to solid ground;
When my world had closed in upon itself, you opened up the door,
And gave to me a glimmer of hope, that lead to so much more.

Now I see your heart is heavy, with pressures mounting every day,
Would that I could help you out, even in some small and useful way;
Yet in this time of tribulation, where the end you cannot see,
The best that I can offer, is to be the friend you were to me.

    I am always here for you...


© August 1998