Seven Deadly Sins

All things in moderation, or so the philosophers tell,
But there are a few vices still, that can lead you straight to hell;
Most virtues and vices balance, when adding losses and wins,
But some are not so equal, those called the Seven Deadly Sins.

The first is primal in nature, and you've heard of it I trust,
A burning torch of desire, the vice we know of as Lust;
The second one is likewise, the desire nearly the same,
An all-consuming greed for wealth, and Avarice be its name.

At the other end of the table, cut from another cloth,
The lazy, indolent one, falls to the third vice we call Sloth;
Now the fourth is of the flesh, a maker of men into swine,
Corpulence being the reward, when on Gluttony they dine.

Next comes a great deceiver, for which many a man has died,
Caught in a web of one's own ego, the fifth is labeled Pride;
And six is the green monster, a covetous and jealous freak,
Wanting all its neighbor does have, it's of Envy that we speak.

The last, but hardly least, can be the most violent of them all,
No good can be found, when the seventh sin Anger comes to call;
And there you have them, the most deadly sins known to man,
The ungodly vices of the wicked, since the time of man began.

But there are ways to avoid them, by taking up your sword,
And counter these temptations, with your Faith in the Lord;
Stand fast upon your convictions, as you learn daily to cope,
We have been given the Word, and this increases our Hope.

And the greatest of these, is the Love first given us by our Lord,
Let us return our Love in kind, that we may all be in one accord;
Do all things in moderation, and when tempted by the sins above,
Learn how to overcome them, with Faith and Hope and Love.


© March 1996 (revised August 1998)