A Day in April

It was a day in latter Spring just past, a day I remember well,
For most it was like any other day, but for him, I couldn't tell;
I'm not even sure what did happen, the events that transpired that day,
But God as my witness, I truly believe, it must have played out this way.

How many times had he said to me, just how many times indeed?
He'd never give away his heart again, it only made him bleed;
Then along came someone special, and his cold heart again did melt,
She brought rushing to the surface, feelings, he'd long ago since felt.

Again he carried a smile everywhere, and was a pleasure to be around,
I watched him spread his cheer to all, sharing the love that he had found;
His outlook had drastically changed, no more fearing and being alone,
He had once again found happiness, and to everyone he let it be known.

Someone unique, he said, had entered his life, not another hopeless fling,
This one set a fire in his soul, and encouraged his silenced heart to sing;
Day after day his aura burned brighter, and his spirit seemed to soar,
He'd tell me each and every day, he loved her more than the day before.

Then one day his mood was dour, I asked him where he'd left his smile?
He closed his eyes and deeply sighed, saying perhaps he'd find it in a while;
I didn't even bother to ask him, for I knew they must have had a fight,
And was relieved later on to see his smile, and a card to make it right.

I watched over him as he wrote in it, and carefully sealed it with a kiss,
His disposition got better rapidly, and soon his world returned to bliss;
He smiled that smile once again, saying he had learned as he had grown,
That if your love was strong enough, you'd never be afraid or all alone.

A week later I called on him, and saw where tears had tracked his face,
At first I thought them tears of joy, but his smile looked out of place;
I asked him if something had gone amiss, had anything recent gone wrong,
He smiled and said it was nothing, he just could no longer hear the song.

I asked him what he meant by that, he laughed, but it sounded so insincere,
He told me not to worry, he was fine, and run along and get out of here;
I figured he'd be okay, as always, waved goodbye and hurried on my way,
And I was shocked to find out the next morning, he'd passed away that day.

They found him lying on the beach, a blanket wrapped around his sides,
And a returned card, clutched in hand, said "Addressee No Longer Resides;"
No evidence of foul play was found, the official word was natural cause,
And to this day, when people mention his name, it makes me stop and pause.

I remember how happy he had been, and the way he shared, with us, his joy,
And we all felt, the love he felt, the love that flows between a girl and a boy;
But I saw the way he looked that day, and though not a word was spoken,
Deep down inside, I'll always know, he died because his heart was broken.


© April 1999