Last night I went outside to ponder, and looked up to wish upon a star,
To say a little prayer to God, to watch over you where ever you are;
To make you know His mercy, and that when life finds us at the most weak,
That we would just remember Him, and the abundant strength there is to seek.

To show us the signs and wonders, in the ordinary things that daily we see,
For it is the little things that surround us, that declare His amazing majesty;
And to remind us when we trust in Him, though our eyes and hearts do roam,
When that final hour arrives for us, it is He that will personally take us home.

But until those days have come upon us, until that time draws to its ends,
Lean on those who are with you, on the love of your family and your friends;
To provide your needs and comfort, until His angels come to point the way,
And you are healed in God's enduring love, forever, and ever, and a day.


© May 2002