Cheryl's Poem

A long time in coming, a story that needs be told,
About a caring person, one with a heart of gold;
A wonderful woman, her name is Cheryl Willis,
All who know her call her friend, but me, I call her sis.

More than an acquaintance, she's only a call away,
Ever a faithful companion, there day after day;
Though not my real sister, it matters little you see,
What's important is just, how special she is to me.

A truly giving spirit, a soul from heaven sent,
I've learned so very much, from the times with her I've spent;
She knows just what to say, without becoming too proud,
Seeing the silver lining, hidden in every cloud.

I count on her wisdom, her advise I can't deny,
There's never any doubt, on her trust I can rely;
When troubled times surround me, I know she's always near,
To give a bit of guidance, and help ally the fear.

So I thank you now, my `sister,' for the way you care,
Being more than just a friend, who is beyond compare;
Mere words seem inadequate, when they're applied to you,
Just know that for all time, I will always love you too.


© November 1993