Chasing the Butterfly

Today I chased a pretty butterfly, but unfortunately I am, oh, so much older,
When I could not keep up the pace, it touched down on someone else's shoulder;
Time can be like a faithful friend, but all too often it becomes your mortal foe,
It can pass you by like lightning, or when waiting can transpire far too slow.

So I stop to rest from the pursuit, and I reflect on our recent time gone-by,
How I never should have let you go, denying my feelings and didn't even try;
Just know the time that I've spent away, and the time that we've been apart,
Increases the love I feel for you, and fills more of the emptiness in my heart.

All those times we shared have been special, they will always be a part of me,
Those times of exceeding joy and bliss, to which your presence was always key;
So please remember I am with you forever, and nothing is ever left to chance,
You purchased my heart and soul that day, when we danced our very first dance.

While I watch you from across the meadow, vowing to await that joyous tomorrow,
Come the tears to travel down my cheek, and for a moment I succumb to the sorrow;
Allowing the heat in my chest to burn, and consume my heart with its painful fire,
Knowing your happiness was always to be first, the reasoning behind my desire.

Now I turn and slowly walk away, to face this world that feels a tiny bit colder,
When suddenly I stop and pause, feeling a familiar presence upon my shoulder;
I need not look for I know it's you, and there is no longer that need for me to cry,
And we cross that meadow by the sea together, the sly old fox and his butterfly.


© April 2002