Candice's Poem

Can mere words every truly express, the depth of sorrow we feel;
When the passing of a loved one, unexpectedly becomes so real.

All the sympathy and well-wishing, though gratefully taken in;
Does little to ease the hurting, and dispel the anguish within.

Now we know in time comfort returns, we once again find our way;
To concentrate on the better times, and come back to the light of day.

Daily coping with the loss, the empty space needing to be filled;
Gathering the courage to go on, and our lives once again rebuild.

In time the pain will diminish, but for us it can never erase;
The memory of who you were, or that smile upon your face.

Condolences to those left behind, to her family and friends impart;
And find solace in heavenly things, that God bless each oneís heart.

Eternity gained another soul, but the world has become less bright;
Rest in peace now, dearest one, until we gather again in Godís light.


© August, 2015