By My Side

The years they pass so quickly, a never-ending flow,
So many possibilities, of where we come and go;
All roads lead to adventure, choices good and poor,
Where sometimes a simple act, affords us something more.

Like choosing to keep in touch, now and then with a friend,
Has blossomed into something wonderful, a love that will never end;
With each new day that passes by, more and more I find,
Many things remind me, and keep you ever on my mind.

A certain love song on the radio, a rose pedal covered by dew,
The sound of children's laughter, all make me think of you;
The sun's sparkle off the water, and the taste of a fine wine,
Brings about a remembrance of you, and a feeling, oh, so fine.

Now every time I close my eyes, it is your pale green eyes I see,
The memory of your sincere smile, has become the world to me;
And though the distance between us, is ever so far apart,
I feel your loving nearness, in the beating of my heart.

So when the time has come, and we walk together hand in hand,
I speak to you these words on my mind, so you will understand;
No matter where the road now takes me, be it narrow or be it wide,
For the rest of my life's journey, I want you forever by my side.

    For the lovers of the world . . .


© July 1998 (revised 4/2011)