Birthday for an Angel

Time stands still for no one, but some age better than most
In this case it is very true, as I tell of such a heavenly host
A lady who was sent from above, with a heart of purest gold
A person worthy of mention, whose story just has to be told

Entered into the world this day, the angels gathered around in mass
To address the attributes required, to bestow upon this newborn lass
So all below could have a glimpse, of what heaven will surely be
A beacon of light, an earthly angel, for all of humankind to see

Angels one and two filled her up with love, enough to fill more than one
The next one gave her the needed courage, to meet each new day begun
The next angel opted for classic beauty, to rival the goddesses of yore
And the next granted her faith, so she might carry on like none before

Many others gifts were given this day, like charm, and hope, and grace
Also added were compassion and humility, to keep everything in place
And lastly a double portion of kindness, to fill up her entire angelic soul
So everyone whose life she touches, walks away feeling a little more whole

O, then how the angels rejoiced that day, having been allowed the chance
To help God create this beautiful child, to let loose upon the earth to dance
And help make each day from then on, be even better for each and every heart
That increases in fondness for you, whenever we are separate and apart


© January 14, 2002