Believing Is...

The world has come to madness, rockets filling the sky,
Countries fight over boundaries; young men fight and die;
Man's wickedness grows daily, ravaging our Mother Earth,
Violence at our doorstep, souls taken, even before birth.

No God could be so heartless, and leave His people to hurt,
Children left to suffer greatly, at the hands of some pervert;
People starving across the globe, diseases without a cure,
Certainly a loving, merciful God, wouldn't leave us all unsure.

So a generation cries out with pride, it must be God is dead,
Can't let some old superstition; keep us from getting ahead;
Let us make the world in our image, no need to look above,
Who needs a Supreme Being, we can do it with our own love.

Yet they miss the point completely, God is still in command,
But we are given freewill, so that we could make our stand;
Choose to take up our cross, and follow the ways of His Son,
Or go on living for ourselves, the teachings of Christ undone.

Though I have given up no answers, of one thing I am sure,
Humanity holds only questions, to those who must endure;
But all I need to know in this life, is He is mine and I am His,
For understanding is not the goal, the grace of believing is.


© November 2004