At My Door

I stare out the window of my room,
  Wondering what you're doing today;
A gentle rapping upon my door,
  And I put those thoughts away.

I rise from my bed and open the door,
  You stand before me in all your glory;
I question the reality of my senses,
  It seems more like a romance story.

Eyes sparkle like the stars of heaven,
  Pouty lips of the most ruby red;
Silky hair framing an angelic face,
  Your scent makes me light in the head.

Opening my mouth to find some words,
  You press, to my lips, a delicate finger;
Wishing nothing to spoil the moment,
  Wanting only for this time to linger.

You take my trembling hand in yours,
  Guiding me back across the room;
I know that if I kissed you now,
  I can escape my never-ending life of gloom.

You take my face in your kind hands,
  I close my eyes and pray this time it's true;
But as I lean forward to hold you tight,
  You dissolve and my body passes through.

The familiar feeling of free-fall takes hold,
  And the realization that you are not here;
I wake with my heart pounding in my chest,
  Alone in bed again with my fear.

As I calm down I turn to the window,
  And stare like so many times before;
I wonder what you're doing right now,
  When there comes a rapping at my door...


© 1995