Although we spend our time with others,
    each of us finds when we have grown;
    while many things can be done together,
    our feelings are felt alone.

Life gives the illusion of unity,
    with all the examples we are shown:
    we often see one another sharing,
    but in truth we are alone.

One may even choose the night life,
    hanging out in the party zone;
    but that lifestyle is really hollow,
    and come morning you're still alone.

Nothing the world seems to offer,
    nor acquaintances we have known;
    can break through the dire solitude,
    of our existing all alone.

Except the case of God's love,
    and its relationship we learn to hone;
    when He fills that place in our heart,
    we find we're no longer alone.


© April 1995 (revised 1998)