Welcome Adabelle

Amazing gift of God, brought forth into our home,
    You will always be welcome, no matter where your roam.

Daddy’s forever princess, and mommy’s little miss,
    Our love shall last a lifetime, through every hug and kiss.

Among the entire world, you were born to be our own,
    Know from this day forward, you shall never walk alone.

Be secure in the knowing, we shall always do our best,
    To always help you make the grade, when life hands you a test.

Ever there to support you, and mentioning you in prayer,
    So you will continually recall, our resolve to always care.

Loving you is our first responsibility, know this to be true,
    Whatever challenges may come along, we shall stand with you.

Life brings many ups and downs, as a family we shall face,
    Certain together we will overcome, under God’s loving grace.

Endeared to us endlessly, from the moment of your birth,
    We thank You, God in Heaven, for our bundle of joy on earth.
Grand Pappi Fox

© May 9, 2014