Christmas 2005 (A Star's Tale)

Gather round, dear constellations, listen now each fellow star
I wish to tell the heavens my story, to all galaxies near and far
About a small, blue-green planet, that goes by the name of Earth
Of an extraordinary event, of the very first Christmas birth

At the time I was a young star, barely a twinkle in His eye
But He chose me to be a herald, a great beacon in the sky
O, the marvel of it all, I did my best to blaze extra bright
And shine all the way from above, on Bethlehem that night

A witness of the coming Messiah, a Godsent baby boy
Born in the City of David, to the world, a tiding of joy
To Mary and to Joseph, Emmanuel had come to reside
The Prince of Peace among us, having set His glory aside

I saw the shepherds tremble, when the angel of God did say
'Fear not for the Savior is here, laid in a manger this day'
While multitudes praised the Father, from greatest to the least
I guided the traveling wise men, coming afar from the East

So now you've heard my story, of the One to be adored
About my part in the service, of the Everlasting Lord
Now is the time for you to shine, a beacon unto the way
That others see in you Christ Jesus, born on Christmas day


© 2005 (completed 8/2011)