Christmas 1994

It is Christmas time once again, gone by yet another year,
So gather around my dear ones, so that everyone may hear;
Settle down and listen up, so I may give you my reason,
For telling you this little tale, about this precious season.

My story is an old one, passed on from parents to their young,
It's been told the whole world over, and heard in most every tongue;
About a miracle that happened, in a far away land,
I relay it now in our language, so you may understand.

Almost two thousand years ago, a census had been declared,
Each must go to his birthplace, where taxation would be prepared;
So Joseph, with his espoused Mary, went as it was decreed,
To the City of David, the home of his family's seed.

And Mary was great with child, during this perilous ride,
But little did they worry, for God had placed the babe inside;
As was foretold by the prophets, from a virgin comes the birth,
Of the blessed Word of God made flesh, to walk upon the Earth.

The government shall be upon him, his power will increase,
He shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, and the Prince of Peace;
Yet born out in a stable, for there was no room at the inn,
For one as great as He, a very humble life to begin.

And out in the fields the shepherds, kept watch of their flocks by night,
When the Lord's angel appeared, God's glory shone round them so bright;
And the angel told them, "Fear not, I bring you tidings of joy,
Unto you is born this day, in Bethlehem a baby boy.

"And this shall be a sign, according to the old teachings' claim,
He will be wrapped in swaddling clothes, and Jesus shall be His name;
He can be found lying in a manger, on this very night,
While wisemen from the Far East come, following His star so bright.

"A Savior, which is Christ the Lord, for all people has been sent,
King of kings, and Lord of lords, set by God's righteous appointment;
Suddenly with the angel, heavenly multitudes gave praise,
Glory to God in the highest, good will toward men for all days."

Now I have told you my story, as my father did for me,
My prayer is you will keep this tradition, of our family;
And tell it each year to your children, so they can also see,
Christmas is about Jesus Christ, not just what's under the tree.


© December 24, 1994 (revised 3/1995)