Christmas 1993

The season is upon us, soon we will close another year.
Everyone is getting in the spirit, as Christmas Day draws near;
The pine tree has been decorated, our stockings have all been hung,
The house is trimmed with colorful lights, with carols being sung.

Christmas Eve service announced, by the ringing of the church bell,
Families join in worship, to remember the first Noel;
Afterwards the car ride through town, to see the glittering lights,
Wreaths on doors, Nativity scenes, and other holiday sights.

Then back home in time to get, the young ones to bed for the night,
With an assurance of many toys, from Santa's yearly flight;
Though they are so thrilled, each one begging for just a little peek,
Soon all are safely tucked in bed, with a kiss upon the cheek.

Done the last minute wrapping, and placing under the tree,
All's ready for morning's celebration, with the family;
A holiday toast with my spouse, in rememberance of the birth,
Then join the children in their slumber, with hopes for peace on Earth.

Before you know it the sun is up, and Christmas Day is here,
We gather in the kitchen, eggnog raised in holiday cheer;
Then out to the living room, each takes a place around the tree,
The sight of sparkling ornaments, is most wonderful to see.

All the gifts wrapped in paper, and topped with a pretty bow,
And the children so excited, their faces are all aglow;
As the presents are exchanged, everyone smiles from ear to ear,
There's no doubt, with all its love, Christmas is the best time of year.

Now we sit down to Christmas dinner, and all our blessings count,
Being here with your loved ones, can't be priced at any amount;
For it is the spirit of giving, that makes this time so dear,
And this we pray, it will continue, throughout the coming year.


© December 1993 (revised 1994)