3 Nails

I have often wondered at times, why they added three nails to Thee,
And I've come to the conclusion, You did it as an illustration for me;
I have found in them more meaning, than simply extra nails to hold,
Giving me an insight of wisdom, which is far more precious than gold.

The first nail was for the Father, driven through Your open right hand,
Binding me again to You in fellowship, what originally You had planned;
To become a joint heir in the kingdom, to wander in heaven awed,
Feasting at the marriage supper, and be joyfully called a son of God.

The second nail was for the Son, holding You to that piece of wood,
Spilling Your blood, o my Savior, though for You I had done no good;
You pardoned me from my weaknesses, wiped away my crimson stain,
Conquered the grave and rose again, so I could return to You again.

The third nail was for the Spirit, keeping to the Fatherís good will,
Supporting the action of Your love, so more of my life You could fill;
As a guide and a companion, Your presence that lives in my heart,
That as long as I walk in this old world, we might never be apart.

Three nails that once had no meaning, for me is now something dear.
You laid down Your life like a friend, even when to me it was unclear;
And paid a debt I could not pay, You ransomed Yourself at Calvary,
Because of Your love and affection, You added those nails for me.

© April 2015