Amazing Grace

This is a collection of poems that show my relationship with God. Not everyone sees God as I do, nor would I presume everyone should. Just understand these are my perspectives, my experiences with and my perceptions shared. So, read them like you would eat fish. Partake of the meat, and watch for bones. :)

3 Nails A Little Prayer Alone At Your Word Believing Is
The Centurion Christmas 1993 Christmas 1994 Christmas 1995 Christmas 2005
(A Star's Tale)
Easter For I Sent My Son... For This I Have Jesus He Was Perfect I am Third
Indian Prayer In Memoriam It Should Have Been The Mansion The Mountain
My Friend No Longer Here The Sand Castle Sermon on the Mount Seven Deadly Sins
Shadow of Suffering Strange Dream Survival Thanksgiving Day Therein Lies / Treasure
Today I Pondered The Verdict What if / No Church? Wedding of Two Souls Last Supper to the Garden