Bless the Broken Road

This is a collection of poems that show my relationship with God. Not everyone sees God as I do, nor would I presume everyone should. Just understand these are my perspectives, my experiences with and my perceptions shared. So, read them like you would eat fish. Partake of the meat, and watch for bones. :)

Dear Friend Erik's Poem Fancy One Feelings in My Heart Friends
Friendship I am the Moth Jill's Poems Joanie's Poem Mary Allen's Poem
Memories of You . . . Mike's Poems
(Legend of Doom)
My Angel My Friends The Nightingale
Never / Walk Alone Outcome of Friendship A Princess Story The Promise Rare & Precious
Reflections . . . Bro. Roy's Poem Scully & Mulder Seventh Anniversary Shelly's Poem
Shelley's Poem Shirley's Poem Susan's Poem Something Precious Value of Friendship
Welcome Gianna Written in My Heart